Friday, March 15, 2013

List A User's Response Group Memberships

We just had an issue where a response group in Lync was not working properly. While troubleshooting, we discovered that the user to whom the response group pointed had recently been married and had her name changed. Per normal process, her AD account, email address and SIP name were changed to her new name. This caused an issue with the response group, however. Since there was a gap in the process, and we had no procedure in place for checking the user’s membership in response groups, the group was trying to transfer a call to a now non-existent SIP address. So, that means whenever we change an account we must know if the user is Enterprise Voice enabled, and if they are, we must also know if they belong to any response groups. Unfortunately, there is no clean way to find that membership in the Lync Control Panel. You would have to open each response group and look at its membership one at a time to see if the user was a member. To get around this, you’ll have to RDP into a Lync  Server and open a Lync Powershell session and enter the following command:

get-csrgsagentgroup | Where-Object {$_.AgentsByUri -like ""} | Select name

See the example below to illustrate what it looks like and what the results would be:
This will give you a list of response groups the user is a member of. You can then make the appropriate changes to the groups, if any.